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Designed & Built in Germany

Fully supported in the UK

manual dividing units

RH - Series

HOFMANN RH Rotary Tables are Manual Precision Rotary Tables with compact and space saving design. The high rigidity allows the use for machine tools as well as for measuring applications.

Table plate with 200 mm diameter and 360° graduation scale on the table plate circumference with zero point mark on the housing.

Due to the low height and the light weight, the rotary tables are especially suitable for engraving and milling work.

Manually operated worm gearing with eccentric worm shaft bearing for backlash adjustment or easy disengaging for rapid indexing.

Relief of worm gear by two mechanical down hold clamps running in a notch on circumference of the table plate.
Versions Available
HOFMANN RH Rotary table with graduating drum and vernier scale for indirect indexing.

HOFMANN RHI Rotary table with dividing plate indexing device for indirect indexing of all divisions up to 50.

  • Manual three-jaw chuck with intermediate flange to be attached to the table plate.

  • Hand wheel with micrometer dial and indexing plate device are interchangeable.

  • Additional direct indexing plate for the indexing plate device for all divisions up to 100 and higher ones, many up to 400, with included adjusting table.

Further Information can be found in our product overview:


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