Indexing Devices, Rotary Tables, NC Tooling 

Designed & Built in Germany

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Hofmann Rotary Tables

HOFMANN products are state of the art and provide the logic and simplicity of a modular system, an incredibly fast set up time and a realisation of  quality at first glance. From a full range of 4th Axis devices, Hofmann's Range extends to 5th Axis & Direct Drive units to fully meet the needs of Precision Manufacturing; all built to the most exacting standards to meet the highest levels of accuracy.


HOFMANN also provide a variety of options, giving customers the unique prospect of specifying custom equipment with ease, thanks to a highly focussed & experienced manufacturing team in Germany.

HOFMANN hold a great reputation for supplying equipment for milling, drilling, grinding, electric discharge machining (EDM) or for use with laser processing equipment. The company's indexing devices, rotary tables and tailstocks are considered by many to be the first choice in situations where precision, performance and reliability are important.

In a fast paced world, HOFMANN ROTARY TABLES deliver speed, ease of use, durability & value to many European Machine Builders & end users.

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